Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"To a Deer Mouse"

(This was written after my girls brought a wounded deer mouse in the house, that died shortly afterward.)

On the Death of a Deer Mouse

Little, frightened, timid mouse,

Your spirit fled while in my house.

Although you were afraid of me,

I’d have gladly set you free.

I hoped that you would thrive, and then

I’d take you to your home again.

But mice are not so very tough;

They’re mostly tail, and a bit of fluff.

And when some creature makes them pain,

Their mousey lives are quick to wane.

And so your eyes have turned to glass;

Your little nose has twitched its last.

But surely He who watches all,

And who takes note of sparrows’ fall

Will take you in His gentle hand

And bring you to a better land

Where dog, nor cat, nor farmer’s scythe

Can take again your little life.

-August, 2003

Monday, February 1, 2010

Clouds~ an Ode

"Clouds"~An Original Song by M. Graham copyright 2009
(music forthcoming)

They bring the thunder,
They bring the rain.
And then a rainbow
We see again.

And the moon looks might pretty
With a veil across her face~
When God made clouds
He let us see His grace.

At dawn He paints them
With pink and gold;
He shows He loves us
With colors bold.

And as the daylight fades away,
He paints the clouds once more
To show though dark may come,
His love is sure.

You may not own a piece of land,
The prices run so high.
You may wander through the earth
And ask yourself just why~

The rich man seems to have it all;
All that gold can buy.
But raise your head,
For no one owns the sky!

A fairy castle,
A sea of blue.
A priceless treasure
For me and you.

A taste of Heaven given
To the children of a King.
He gave us clouds;
He'll give us everything.