Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Happy Life

(Photos gleaned from the Internet)

"A Happy Life"

With just a little garden
And a goat or a cow,
And a bright mind to think
And to plan just how

A happy life is made
With a spade and a plow
When you have a little garden
and a goat or a cow.

Just a bunch of babies
And a mountain of clothes
To make and to mend
And to wash and to fold.

All the meals and the dishes
And the years that go
Make a little piece of Heaven
That a family knows.

When a father and a mother
And the children, too
Learn to love each other
As they ought to do,

There is nowhere a better,
Sweeter place to be
Than encircled in the love
Of that family.

~M. J. Graham