Monday, November 14, 2011

Lessons From the Garden

This little poem was written a few years ago while working, of course, in the garden!

Tiny plants push their way through the earth,

Turning their faces to the light.

Dangers surround them from their birth;

The killing frosts and deadly blight.

Yet ever onward do they grow,

Reaching up with all their heart.

Whether food or flower they know

They must not shrink, but do their part.

Lord, help us all to do as they,

When facing turmoil, grief, or strife.
Let us confidently say,

"I will grow each day of life!"

~M. J. Graham

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One True Friend


(This poem was written during a transitional time of my life, when I was learning more and more to depend on the Lord for strength, instead of trusting in the "arm of flesh.")

A stranger in a strange land,
Sometimes I feel that's what I am.
But then I hear a voice inside
That says, "I, too, have walked alone."

Though loved ones surround us
We cannot always open up to them,
For they have troubles of their own.
At times like this it's nice to know
That into our rooms we may go

To speak to One with whom we can
Our hopes, fears, dreams, 
Complaints, and sadness share.
One who wants to hear it all,
And never judges when we bare.
So, oft times, we must walk alone
And hold our feelings deep inside;
For they are not always welcome in this busy world.

But souls may speak to Souls, you know,
Who've walked the lonely path;
And those Souls fill the heart with love,
So that through tears we feel to laugh.

Until at last, when time has gone,
And life's struggles reach their end,
We'll find ourselves encircled by the arms
Of our one true Friend.

~M. J. Graham
23 July, 2000