Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Further Down, Higher Up, Deeper Within"

It was always there, in the corner of her consciousness. Sometimes it came in flashes of light, but mostly it came softly, when she was rocking a baby, washing the dishes, or weeding the garden.

"Further down, higher up, deeper within," whispered her heart. "Keep reaching, keep going within; it is there that you will find it. You WILL find that greatness within you, that you must have to accomplish all the Lord has planned for you. Go deeper, further, higher than you are." Sometimes she felt as if she were almost there, while other times she felt afraid and alone, and doubted that voice within that urged her on.

But her heart did not give up, though she might try to dissuade it. Her heart knew she was bound for greatness. She, who always felt small and insignificant, was, without knowing it, fulfilling the measure of her creation.With each trial, each new idea, each time she woke up and prayed for grace to be given her, she was going further down, higher up, and deeper within.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


"She was a mother, a housewife, an old-fashioned girl." These things defined her. Home and family were everything to her, and she was most happy there, where she could be herself; without feeling she must excuse herself for being who she was.

There were, of course, times when she felt overwhelmed with the work; when her exhaustion became more intense with each baby; when it seemed that the Lord had given her something impossible to achieve.

But always in her heart was a desire to please her Heavenly Father, in all that she did, and that desire helped her endure all the trials and tribulations that life brought to her.

She was a free spirit , and she chose to believe; to believe that "love finds a way", and that "all things are possible to him that believeth."