Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Flickering flames of phosphorescence,

Little lanterns lighting the way.

For they know the way to Fairyland,

The fireflies that fly.

And they show the way to that merry land,

You can find it if you try.

They blink and they wink, and they go drifting by

On their way to Fairyland.

Follow, oh follow with feet that are spry

To that oh, so airy land,

To that sometimes “bewarey” land,

Fairyland is nigh!

~M. J. Graham


{Photo Credit: Getty Images}


  1. Positively Charming!

    I have only seen fireflies once when I was visiting my daughter in New York. Fascinating little creatures!

    Oh, Marqueta! Your artwork is delightful! Whimsical little Meerkats, amazing chimpanzee, oh and those cheetas ~ perfect! That cougar could be a photograph! You are an absolute font of creativity, my dear!

    Thanks for sharing your 'Fireflies'!

  2. Dear mama, you certainly have a way with taking common words and turning them into ethereal poems!!! We shall have to finish writing the music to it together, shall we not? :p

    Love, Audrey