Friday, September 14, 2012

Cousin Hettie Takes a Grand Tour

Cousin Hettie is a character I made up to help a friend pass away the miserable months of morning sickness. I sent her a series of letters "written" by Cousin Hettie, who was just embarking on a real, live Grand Tour of Europe, along with little mementos of sites seen along the way.

This is letter #1, which was written on this postcard of the Statue of Liberty~

New York City
14 Sep, 1911
 Dearest Caroline,

Well, here I am, cousin, embarking on a real-live Grand Tour! I never dreamed it would be possible, and I daresay I would not have been brave enough to go if not for going with Paul, Aunt Elspeth, and Uncle Jasper. They are the dearest people in the world! How shall I ever make it up to them?

New York City is ever so crowded and noisy, and not to mention dirty! We toured the Statue of Liberty yesterday, which was a grand adventure of its own!

Tomorrow we shall board the steamer Wimbleton, and they say it will take five days to reach Liverpool, weather permitting.

Oh, I do wish you could come, too, dear cousin of mine! But of course, in your condition, a voyage on the sea would most likely feel like a trip to Hades, instead!

Do give my love to those little darlings of yours, and to that great big Man. Someday I hope to take the Grand Tour of Marriage, myself.

Your loving cousin,



  1. Very cute I am intrigued to hear more of Hettie's adventures.


  2. Nice to meet Hettie,and read her postcard to her cousin Caroline. I am sure she is in for some exciting adventures :) Blessings

  3. Always thought you were a fun mother, Marqueta, but now I see you are a fun and imaginative friends also! What a clever way to entertain a friend!

  4. I hope Miss Hetty has a safe journey there and back!

  5. Oh how glad I am to be getting to know your Miss Hetty!
    Love and Blessings Linnie

  6. Wonderful, I love Hettie and cannot wait to hear about her. Clarice