Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hettie Arrives in England

25 September, 1911

Dear Caroline,

We made it safe and sound yesterday, even though we had a big storm all night the first night.

Here's a picture of the hotel where we are staying; it's so elegant inside, with big crystal chandeliers and velvet carpets.

We're going to London today, and then touring the Lake District. Do you think we'll see Mr. and Mrs. Darcey, or Peter Rabbit there? I've been filling a sketchbook with little drawings, since my camera was lost at sea.

Till next time,

Your loving cousin,



  1. Dear Hettie, I can imagine how grand the chandeliers and velvet carpeting must be! I hope that you make a drawing of them in your sketchbook.

  2. Sounds like Hettie is taking my dream tour. Hope she runs into Beatrix P. on her journey!