Monday, October 8, 2012

Hettie's Autumn Letter

8 October, 1911

Dearest Caroline,

We are still in the Lake District, enjoying it very much. London was cold and foggy, but we braved the weather and watched the changing of the guards on Tuesday; it was quite a sight!

Uncle Jasper has developed the photographs from our sea voyage, and I am including one of Cousin Paul and me (this was right after I lost my camera in the brink). There are so many photos of everyone but Uncle Jasper, that we'll have to tie him down to get some of him, as well.

I hope that you are enjoying beautiful autumn in the mountains there. I imagine that most of your colours are gone by now? We are enjoying lovely weather today, sunny and balmy.




  1. I love Hettie's Letters!!!

    I do believe that they would make an excellent published book-- you should do it, dear mama!!!

    I love you very much, love,


  2. Hello Marqueta,
    I found your blog by wandering through the maze of the internet. Your blog is quite unique and it seems we both have a love of history, all things sweet, animals and meanderings of the mind.
    I have created a series of women, "Ladies of a Certain Era" and on their note cards (on the back), I write pros about them as if I were a wee bit English. I also love old postcards and have done a painting of a woman at a lighthouse from an actual postcard.
    Thank you for your talent-your art is lovely.

  3. Marqueta, I'd like to paste your "I-pod to pea-pod" quote on myface book status, if you don't mind. I can't find where to email you. Thank you, Sharon Smith. (I saw your comment on Simple Shelley and went to see if you're the same Marqueta that I knew once. Not the same).